About Beginnings

It all began at a graduation address by Cornell University’s President David Skorton. Addressing 2008 graduates, Skorton, stressed the importance and potential of Social Entrepreneurship. Somewhere, amongst the host of graduating students sat Sanjeev Shukla, listening attentively to every word Skorton said. In his experience as a student and employee of a leading university, Sanjeev had realized that most web solutions did not cater to the specific needs of Higher Education. This was also true for the non-profit and government sector.

Sanjeev realized that most web solutions designed for these three sectors were in fact an adaptation of solutions designed for other commercial sectors. Hence, this obvious gap in the market clubbed with President Skorton’s address was enough motivation for Sanmita to be born in it’s new avatar as a social entrepreneurial venture with a special focus on Higher education, non-profit and government sector.

Our Mission

Sanmita is a social entrepreneurship venture. Our mission is to make the web work for the success of our society’s three pillar institutions: Higher Education, Nonprofits, and Government organizations.The word Sanmita is a combination of two Sanskrit words which translate to mean friend forever. We strive to build lasting relationship with our customers, partners and community members.