Accessibility is a major concern that is sometimes overlooked. When creating web solutions, especially for clients with a wide range of users (Higher Ed, for example), it is important to design features with accessibility in mind.

Sanmita offers a range of custom accessibility solutions, including voice recordings utilizing our media center and in-staff expertise. We are making the web work for all.

Sanmita is dedicated to supporting all customers and has made every effort to make this site accessible to people with disabilities. In the event you do experience difficulty trying to access this site with assistive devices, contact Sanmita Customer Service and we will make every effort to help you obtain the information you need. Continue to check this page for the latest information on how to best access our website.

We welcome your suggestions and comments. Send us your feedback on our site accessibility.

To learn more about how to use Sanmita products and services to create accessible content and how to make websites accessible, visit our Accessibility Resource Center.