Sanjeev Shukla

Founder & CEO

Sanjeev Shukla’s passion for business and social entrepreneurship led him to start Sanmita. As the founder & CEO, he is at the helm of all operations at Sanmita. However, Sanmita is not his first business venture. His past ventures have included Infobyte, which grew to become the largest distributor of Zenith Computers in Northern India. The company grew by  more than 100% every year under his leadership. In 2000, Sanjeev moved to the United States to establish a subsidiary of Infobyte.

Sanjeev’s management philosophy is simple and focused towards people. He believes that “each individual has tremendous potential” and judges people on three criteria: honesty, willingness to work and ability to be trained.

Sanjeev is passionate about getting knowledge and passing it on to others. Had he not pursued a career path in business, he would have liked to be a teacher. In fact, one of his future ambitions is to open schools which will use the web to enable people in remote villages in India to access quality education.

Ask him about his hobby and he will answer “business.” This probably explains his dual MBA from Cornell University and Queen’s School of Business. Sanjeev believes that “doing business gives people the flexibility to do many things and the freedom to experiment with their ideas. It enables people to execute a personal mission at a much faster pace.” Sanjeev is an avid consumer of leading business publications such as Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly and Knowledge@Wharton.

Sanjeev commits himself 100% to his goals, “Whatever I do, I do it to the best of my ability.” This dedication towards his work was evident on a trip to Serbia, where he helped local farmers improve their business. Despite language barriers, in a short span of two weeks, he was able to analyze the key issues and find simple solutions that addressed the farmers’ business needs. Sanjeev does not believe that language itself should be a barrier to helping people address their problems. According to him, it is the intent that matters.

Sanjeev brings this passion and commitment to his clients and team at Sanmita. His past experiences and deep knowledge of IT, finance and business lend him the edge to lead Sanmita on the path to success.

Debjani Banerjee Misra

HR / Operations Manager

Debjani joined Sanmita India as an HR / Operations Manager ensuring that staffs are happy and engaged and projects are running smoothly. She has a Masters’ degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources. She stepped into her professional career in 2005 in the field of HR Functions. She has extensive experience in IT Talents Acquisitions in all verticals for both domestic and overseas business markets along with various other HR Operations. At Sanmita India, she is responsible of dealing with both internal as well as external resources orientations. She has a very positive attitude which is contagious and affects those who work with her positively. In her spare time Debjani likes to devote her time for local charities. She also likes to hang with her professional and personal network on social networking sites.

Dheeraj Arora

Senior UI Designer

Dheeraj is the head of web design team at Sanmita India. Dheeraj stands out as a one of the best web and graphic designer in the Industry. He has over 10 years of experience in the multimedia industry including web agency, online publishing company, video production and management companies and software companies. Furthermore, lately he has been directly involved in UI design for top US universities. He has delivered complex and demanding projects for our US clients and has mastered responsive design in particular. Dheeraj has a great interest in graphic design (vector arts, illustration, motion graphics and photo montage), front end designing for the web applications, and anything creative as well as music, movies (science-fiction, horror) and off-course going places (in fact these all cover almost all of his interests). Dheeraj is a keen learner and along with his job he completed his Master’s of computer applications.

Rajesh Kumar Singh


Rajesh is presently the company’s Admin/Accountant. He has Master’s degree in commerce and is responsible for Sanmita India’s internal financial control. Before joining the company in July 2012, he worked in the industry for 14 years in the capacity of Admin/Accountant. This brought important experience, as far as accounts are concerned, for Sanmita India since he joined the organization.