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According to TRAI, India had a humongous figure of 904 Million mobile subscribers by the end of 2012. And according to IMRB I-Cube Report 2012, 79 Million out of these 904 Million mobile subscribers accessed the Internet via their mobile devices. Don’t you think that these figures point to a huge online opportunity via mobile website?

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There’s no doubt at all that mobile devices have become an integral part of our day-to-day living today. Building mobile friendly website today is more of a necessity than a good have thing. Both the amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly. As such, you need to make your website accessible “beyond time, space and form”. Now more than ever it’s important that your website be developed for mobile devices, for enhanced user experience. If approached properly mobile web development can:

  • Open up new source of traffic for your website
  • Boost visitor engagement
  • Increase sales

Providing mobile user experience gives you an edge over your competition. Yet many businesses have not yet taken their first stride towards making their websites fit for mobile. This is frustrating your visitors with unnecessary navigation and slow page loading times. But the situation is changing rapidly. Decision makers who were sceptic earlier, have now started considering investment in mobile user experience. And for better mobile user experience it becomes crucial to inspect all the viable approaches to mobile web development to make the most of this amazing mobile technology. Thus, you need to create mobile website if you do not want to lag behind your competition.

Different approaches to mobile web development

  • Building separate mobile website specifically adapted to different mobile devices. Here, user-agent detection is used to route visitors on mobile devices to a separate mobile site, typically at
  • Mobile website development capable of adapting its layout to the width of the browser window of any mobile device.

Although using a responsive website design is Google’s recommended approach of going mobile, there is certainly more to it. Both the approaches have their own set of pros and cons. But, as a general rule of thumb, provide your users with separate mobile website specifically adapted to a particular mobile device, if the users have very specific informational goals. On the contrary, if your audience is a tech savvy user community requiring all of the functionality that they have on their desktop, responsive web design is the solution.

We have served our clients with both the approaches, depending upon their specific needs. We strongly believe that responsive web design is certainly the ideal choice, but it is not always an option with you. At Sanmita, we work with our clients to help them discover the most viable option for taking their site mobile.

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