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In 2012 Google Ad Revenue overtook the entire U.S. Print Publications, and it is consistently maintaining a healthy growth rate in terms of total advertising revenue, which was 16% in Q1, 2013. This shows how powerful the search engines have become in terms of advertising revenue. As such, you need to approach your online media planning properly, as you simply cannot ignore this!


Sanmita provides its clients with very effective real-time (based on your current media buying requirements), performance driven display media buying services. We always provide you with best results, as our online media buying services let you have unique access to very effective audience-centric buying, which delivers unmatched results for you every time. Unlike most of the online advertising companies, Sanmita India works with its clients for better results.

All of our media buying efforts start with rigorous and targeted research, analysis and planning. With our bespoke consulting and online placement services, we help you exploit the full potential of the amazing world of the World Wide Web. We have distinguished ourselves from other online advertising agencies and we provide you with media plans that uniquely combine the right publishers and creative assets to reach your audience in a highly targeted way. We are experts in employing state-of-the-art analytics tools to track, measure, report and optimize each of your investments.

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