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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

~Warren Buffett


Good reputation especially online is very important to your company’s image and ultimately to its bottom line. On the one hand it can mean good business and more profits, but on the other hand it means shrinking business and dropping revenue. We know how the Internet works these days, words travel fast and a news or opinion about an entity-positive or negative-can go viral, putting its reputation in a bad or a good light depending upon the nature of the talk.

It is true, that you certainly cannot win everyone’s good will. There will always be some negative talk about an organization. Nevertheless, your online reputation is very crucial, as the first thing people do online when they are in consideration phase is gathering information about the company itself, with whom they are about to enter into a business relation. Don’t you do that yourself? And what’s your reaction when you see a negative comment or testimonials about it? Remember, you shouldn’t let these negative comments overwhelm you and damage your reputation to a point where it is difficult to build it again.

If you, your company or your concept is experiencing negative publicity, its high-time you take action. If you can manage it yourself, manage it, or else, consult someone who can professionally work on Online Reputation Management on your behalf. Sanmita has worked for top US universities, government bodies, not for profits and corporate. Our experienced reputation managers push the negative opinions down the stream on search engine result pages. We know how to get positive opinions mitigate the negative stuff about you, your company, your brand and even your clients. We know how to analyze your brand, your competition and your industry, to come up with a strategy to manage your reputation online through blogs, wikis and other social media platforms. We know how to leverage SEO and SEM to manage your reputation in a holistic way.

If you feel your organization’s reputation is at stake, then get in touch for a consultation now.