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Let’s face it; despite being the most important component of your online strategy, it is often dealt with as your last priority. Didn’t you yourself discuss it after finalizing your website design, navigation, functionality and other components?


Choosing right web host is very crucial for your online success, as nothing can ruin your bottom line as ruthlessly as a mediocre back-end Web infrastructure. It becomes even more important if you want web hosting in India, and there are so many website hosting providers claiming to provide best solution. Sanmita India is a renowned web hosting company in India providing web hosting and domain registration services for Indian market. We know how important website hosting is and that’s why our services are based on one very straightforward principle – making your website available to all of your users, at all times. We offer a full range of website hosting packages, ranging from Shared Hosting to Managed, Co-Lo & Mirrored solutions for critical online applications. All of our solutions are highly cost-effective and we offer the very best in ongoing customer care and technical support. Special thing with our hosting is we provide 99.9% up-time guarantee (Yes, it’s a guarantee and not warranty that we provide!). Generally most of the hosting companies provider guarantee for network only. We provide triple guarantee, which includes:

  • The server
  • The network
  • The site

We also provide you with a tool to monitor the performance of the server. If we fail our commitment, we give 100% money back. With this tool, you can check the historical recorders also. This tool is public by the way! Our data center is SAS70 certified data center, which is the highest security standard compliance certification in the US.

This is not it! We have three levels of backup:

  • The data lying with the host is cloned on daily basis
  • Site is cloned including CMS on daily basis. This is over-written after 7 days. It means you have 7 copies after 7 days.
  • We can provide a clone to our clients on demand. If they want, we can keep the backup for them at their designated location and for designated time duration.

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